8 Tips to improve productivity while working from home

Published Jun 9, 2020


CAPE TOWN - With South Africa yet to hit its peak in infections, those working from home may be doing so for longer than initially expected. But keeping productive during such times will always remain important.

The peak of infections may only be in July-August according to experts, with one of the closest to complete vaccine possibly only being completed in September, many South Africans may be working from home for quite some time still.

So we have put together eight tips on how to improve and maintain productivity while working from home as it reduces contact between people minimising the risk of infection and spreading of Covid-19:

1. Create A Routine

Working in an office in most cases involves a daily routine with consistent start and end times. Keeping such consistencies helps to keep you focused during the hours of working from home.

2. Get Dressed

Although it may be easy to remain in your pajamas as you may have no conference calls or meetings with only those at home seeing you, this may make it hard to be productive. Putting on something fresh helps draw the line between work and rest.

3. Stay Connected

it is important to keep good communication between yourself and colleagues. We are all facing stressful times so whether it's at the beginning of meeting calls, via Whatsapp or email, a simple catch up maintains good understanding between colleagues.

4. Designate an Office Space

Similar to the case of changing your outfit, you want to distinguish a space in which you draw the line between work and rest. Doing so increases productivity and boosts your focus.

5. Manage Distractions

This may be the most challenging part of working from home. Arrange your surroundings in a way that any type of distractions is as far away as possible. Although there may be distractions that may interrupt work, try to manage those unavoidable with your schedule.

6. Create House Rules

Some households may have multiple family members working from home. Establish house rules and responsibilities between all members in order to get through the weekdays efficiently.

7. Stretch and Breathing Exercises

It is important to use your breaks to stretch your legs and practice breathing exercises. This helps the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body, making up for the interactions and movement usually happening within the office space.

8. Practice Patience and Understanding

The pandemic comes with a lot of stress and uncertainty. Many are left feeling overwhelmed as the process of working at home may have happened so suddenly. Practice patience and understanding as every individual's circumstances vary with many factors such as workspace, family members and financial positions.

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