File Photo: Cindy Waxa
File Photo: Cindy Waxa

Academics back new Maties policy

By Letter Time of article published Nov 18, 2015

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Statement by academics and professional support services staff at Stellenbosch University in support of the Rector’s Management Team’s laguage proposal.

We support the proposal made by the Rector’s Management Team on 12 November 2015 with regard to the use of language at Stellenbosch University.

The choice of English as primary language of instruction with augmented support for Afrikaans and IsiXhosa is based on the principles of social justice and inclusivity. This decision will provide the university the opportunity to become a truly South African university that is open and accessible to all our country’s students and staff as well as from other parts of Africa and beyond.

The proposed new language policy is explicitly motivated by a concern to open up access to Stellenbosch University to students from a wide range of social backgrounds and to make sure that they are not marginalised when they come here by virtue of their inability to speak or understand Afrikaans. This concern has been given particular prominence this year by students and staff in meetings and forms of protest action, and we applaud senior management for taking these seriously.

We are very concerned, however, by talk of a backlash against these proposals, which is an attempt to retain Afrikaans as the primary language of academic communication and instruction. This backlash effectively celebrates the ‘exclusivity’ of Afrikaans and closes the door on the university’s ability to embrace different people from a wide range of cultures and language groups. We call on Council not to stand in the way of ensuring that the university is a genuinely inclusive educational environment for all its students and staff.

A decision to make English the language of meetings, documents and university business enables SU to effectively move beyond its political past. Developing an inclusive and shared institutional ethos based on equal worth, dignity and respect would establish our university as a welcoming place for students, academics, and all its workers.

It is in this light that we as concerned academics and professional support services staff at Stellenbosch University declare that we support the proposals of the Rector’s Management Team to adopt a language policy that would enable the university to establish itself as a truly inclusive South African university, a welcoming and culturally inclusive place of academic study for people from all walks of life.

Undersigned by:

1. Prof Ronelle Carolissen

2. Prof Aslam Fataar

3. Prof Rob Pattman

4. Prof Usuf Chikte

5. Dr Kylie Thomas

6. Dr K.I Theletsane

7. Prof Sandy Liebenberg

8. Dr Llewellyn MacMaster

9. Prof Jan Botha

10. Prof Alakendra N Roychoudhury

11. Dr H Ludolph Botha

12. Prof Yusef Waghid

13. Prof Magda Fourie - Malherbe

14. Prof Rafique Moosa

15. Prof Zsa-Zsa Boggenpoel

16. Professor Umezuruike Linus Opara

17. Dr Vincent J Smith

18. Prof Shaun Viljoen

19. Prof Anthony Leysens

20. Prof Tina Steiner

21. Mawethu Nyakatya

22. Prof Amanda Gouws

23. Prof Quinette Louw

24. Prof Marietjie de Villiers

25. Prof Tony Naidoo

26. Dr Lynne Damons

27. Prof Lesley Le Grange

28. Dr Faaiz Gierdien

29. Dr Francois Cleophas

30. Dr Jerome Joorst

31. Lynette Collair

32. Andreas Labuschagne

33. Dr Lorna Dreyer

34. Dr Trevor van Louw

35. Nomonde Maqubela

36. Bongani Mgijima

37. Dr Omar Esau

38. Monica Du Toit

39. Dr Rose Richards

40. Ms Anthea Lesch

41. Prof Leslie Swartz

42. Dr Jason Bantjes

43. Mr Zuhayr Kafaar

44. Prof Ashraf Kagee

45. Prof. M. Faadiel Essop

46. Prof Mark Tomlinson

47. Prof Kennedy Dzama

48. Dr Jodie Miller

49. Karen Bruns

50. Dr Therina Theron

51. Ellen Tise

52. John Ruiters

53. Crystal Hendrickse

54. Deon Bougardt

55. Darryn Havenga

56. Elza Lourens

57. Dr Nuraan Davids

58. Kasha Dickie

59. Prof Mdu Ndlovu

60. Anneke Müller

61. Dr Ubanesia Adams-Jack

62. An-Maree Nel

63. Maya Sutherland

64. Prof Nick Vink

65. Lizzie Witbooi

66. Danelda Van Graan

67. Melanie Johnson

68. Dr Carina America

69. Marilyn Sikade

70. Prof Liezel Frick

71. Lynthon Jacobs

72. Nugent Lewis

73. Cerenus Pfeiffer

74. Clarissa Graham

75. Prof Maureen Robinson

76. Huba Boshoff

77. Prof Kathy H Myburgh

78. Dr Margaret Blackie

79. Prof Christa van der Walt

80. Dr Elmarie Constandius

81. Prof Doria Daniels

82. Dr Bradley Slade

83. Martie van der Linde

84. Prof Billy Boshoff

85. Mariechen Perold

86. Lize Mills

87. Monika Basson

88. Karlien Conradie

89. Wilda Fourie-Basson

90. Comari Schoeman

91. Prof Sadulla Karjiker

92. Prof. Kees van der Waal

93. Grace A. Musila

94. Prof. A.H. (Annie) Gagiano

95. Prof PJ Sutherland

96. Dr Megan Jones

97. Jennifer Feldman

98. John Cockcroft

99. Susan van Schalkwyk

100. Arrie Hanekom

101. Dr Theo Nell

102. Dieter Von Fintel

103. Anneke Muller

104. Prof Annika Rudman

105. Dr Sylvia Cross

106. Crystal Hendrickse

107. Dr Thomas Cousins

108. Sasha –Leigh Williams

109. Balindiwe Sishi

110. Debra Shepherd

111. Dr Taryn Bernard

112. Prof Johan Fourie

113. Dr Natasja Brown

114. Arrie Arends

115. Kholekile Malindi

116. Dr Khayaat Fakier

117. Prof E. Gunter

118. Folkers Williams

119. Mark Fowler

120. Prof Grace Musila

121. Prof Steven Robins

122. Prof MS Tshehla

123. Prof Liz Bressan

124. Prof Anita Van der Merwe

125. Adnil Titus

126. Dr Linzette Morris

127. Mr Kurt Daniels

128. Prof Quinette Louw

129. John Cockcroft

130. Dr Wamuwi Mbao

131. Debbie Marais

132. Gouwa Dawood

133. Corlia Richardson

134. Prof Razeen Davids

135. Dr Ronel Retief

136. Prof Keymanthrie Moodley

137. Prof Pieter Fourie

138. Dr D Skinner

139. Dr Therese Fish

140. Prof Jean Nachega

141. Prof E Stellenberg

142. Prof. Soraya Seedat

143. Mji Gubela

144. Martha Geiger

145. Dr. Sjan-Mari van Niekerk

146. Dr Marcia Lyner-Cleophas

147. Gavin van Niekerk

148. Prof Mohammad Karaan

149. Dr Doreen KM M’Rithaa

150. Dr Berna Gerber

151. Christelle Feyt

152. Ned Lieketseng

153. Dr LG Cloete

154. Hassan Essop

155. Dr Hassan Mahomed

156. Yeki Mosomothane

157. Lindsay-Michelle Meyer

158. Anneleen Damons

159. Dr Tania Brodovcky

160. Melt van Schoor

161. Prof Ronelle Burger

162. Prof Nico C Gey van Pittius

163. Debra Shepherd

164. Gideon du Rand

165. Dr Vincent J Smith

166. Dr. Guin Lourens

167. Ms Nafiisah Chotun

168. Carmien Snyman

169. Jethro Georgiades

170. Dr. Michelle Sikes

171. Rozelle Petersen

172. Ledelle Moe

173. Jethro Fraser

174. Dr Nicola de Jaeger

175. Bianca Joseph

176. Prof W. J. Perold

177. Dr. Dawid De Villiers

178. Prof Ronelle Burger

179. Sindiswa Bangani

180. Thinus Booysen

181. Jonno Blanckenberg

182. Jan Vorster

183. Dr Celeste Nel

184. Prof Lindy Heinecken

185. Dr Lloyd Hill

186. Prof Ger-Jan van Rooyen

187. Prof Gideon van Zijl

188. Jantjie Xaba

189. Chantal Swartz

190. Eldridge Moses

191. Dawne Johnson

192. Dr Nicola Barsdorf

193. Prof Taryn Young

194. Mr Michael McCaul

195. Dr Mouroed Manie

196. Prof Samantha L Sampson

197. Dr Nicola Barsdorf

198. Ashleen Fortuin

199. Elvira Rohland

200. Farah Fredericks

201. Dr Katharina Ronacher

202. Franklin Weber

203. Dr Novel N Chegou

204. Prof Paul van Helden

205. Dr Glynis Johnson

206. Simthembile Xeketwana

207. Mr GH Demas

208. Dr Caroline Beltran

209. Khethelo Xulu

210. Dr Monique Williams

211. Sherrill February

212. Susanne Tonsing

213. Marilyn de Vries

214. Dr Krige Siebrits

215. Vulindlela P. E. Nyoni

216. Dr Carine Sao Emani

217. Grant Demas

218. Mumtaj Parker

219. Dr Ntozakhe Cezula

220. Bronwyn Coombs

221. Dr Jill Fortuin

222. Dr Henry Fillies

223. Dr Evodia Setati

224. Dr Anusha Lachman

225. Nastassja Steyn

226. Dr Heidi Prozesky

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