Algiers - Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Monday formally presented his candidacy for a presidential election on April 9 that is being boycotted by the two main opposition parties, officials said.

Bouteflika was first elected in 1999 and is running with the support of a pro-presidential coalition in parliament composed of the National Liberation Front, National Democratic Rally and the Movement for Society and Peace.

Parliament in November voted overwhelmingly to eliminate a previous two-term limit for president.

Algeria's main opposition leaders have said the election is a "done deal" set up in Bouteflika's favour.

So far six other people have also submitted their candidacies ahead of a deadline of midnight Monday. Algeria's constitutional council is due to announce the official list of candidates within the next 10 days.

Louisa Hanoune of the Workers Party, Ali Zeghdoud of Algerian Rally, Djahid Younsi of the Islamic el-Islah movement, Moussa Touati of the Algerian National Front, Omar Bouacha of the El Infitah movement, and Rachid Bouaziz, an independent candidate, have also applied. - AFP