File photo - King Mswati III.

A pro-democracy group in Swaziland welcomed on Friday an ANC resolution to support the democratisation of Swaziland.

“International solidarity with oppressed peoples has never been more important in this globalised world, and state sovereignty can no longer be used as a defence by oppressive regimes,” Swaziland Diaspora Platform (SDP) spokeswoman Ntombenhle Khathwane said in a statement.

On Thursday, ANC international relations committee member Lindiwe Zulu said the conference had resolved to “push forward” for the unbanning of political parties in Swaziland.

She said the South African government was still waiting for Swaziland to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in relation to a loan, and would not grant the amount if the document was not signed.

Khathwane said the MOU included a clause on fiscal reform.

“This is hugely welcomed, as the Swaziland government has been steadfast in contravening the constitution and resisting taking crucial steps to bring fiscal reform.”

She said the Swazi government had not disclosed what it spent on King Mswati III's “over-the-top, lavish lifestyle” while it neglected social programmes and the country's health system.

“The SDP reiterates its call for King Mswati III to relinquish his reign and permit a multi-party democracy in Swaziland before the kingdom is isolated.” – Sapa