Baby Volcano born into a world of lava

Published Jan 22, 2002


Goma - There was only one name Muhima Mungo, 37, felt was right for her newborn baby - Volcano.

Just 48 hours old, Volcano was among the first babies to be born in the Congolese town of Goma after a tide of molten rock devastated the lakeside area following a volcanic eruption last week.

The baby was born at 12.50pm on Monday in a hospital in the town.

As his mother spoke of her decision to name the child, an earth tremor sent a shudder through the building and the dozing Volcano stirred in his sleep.

Volcano, like thousands of other residents whose homes were razed by the eruption, faces an uncertain future.

"Our neighbourhood was destroyed by the lava," said Mungo. "My house was burnt down. I don't know where we're going to go."

She said Volcano was born without complications, but his problems may have only just started.

Her ninth child, Volcano now has no home to go to. Two of his brothers were lost in the flight from Goma, and Mungo said her husband was still looking for them. - Reuters

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