Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila (second from the right) is accompanied by his wife Olive.

Kinshasa - President Joseph Kabila's main coalition partners formally endorsed his bid on Monday for a new term in the Democratic Republic of Congo's November 28 elections, ending weeks of speculation over the party's intentions.

The third largest party in parliament, the PALU party, has partnered Kabila since 2006, when it backed him in a run-off vote and was awarded with posts in the cabinet. There had been speculation it might withhold its support this time.

“Through his actions Joseph Kabila best represents the political interests of PALU,” PALU National Secretary Martin Kabwelulu, who is also Kabila's mines minister, told reporters.

Kabwelulu said no provisional agreements had been reached on the composition of any new coalition government, which would depend on the outcome of a legislative election due to take place on the same day as the presidential poll.

Kabila is expected to win re-election as his 10 rivals struggle to forge an alliance. The rules have been changed, eliminating the requirement for a run-off if he fails to win an outright majority as in 2006.

In that election, Kabila won strong support in his native eastern Congo but struggled in the west, where PALU has traditionally fared well.

PALU party leader Antoine Gizenga was appointed prime minister in 2006. He has since stepped down and the post is still held by PALU member Adolphe Muzito. - Reuters