Kenya Airways planes are seen parked at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport near Kenya's capital Nairobi. File picture: Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

Johannesburg – Dramatic scenes unfolded at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Monday night as Kenyan opposition politician Miguna Miguna physically resisted efforts to re-deport him from Kenya with the police assaulting journalists who attempted to cover the stand-off.

Miguna, a dual citizen of Kenya and Canada, arrived at the airport on Monday afternoon after a six-week stay in Canada where he had been deported to on 6 February 2018 after his arrest for his role in the 30 January controversial swearing-in of National Super Alliance (NASA) opposition leader Raila Odinga, as the People's President.

Following a nine-hour stand-off at JKIA, which included the police physically manhandling him as they attempt to carry him on to a Dubai-bound Emirates flight, the pilot of the plane which had been delayed specifically for Miguna took off after witnessing the violent scenes.

But in full view of at least 40 undercover police, and Odinga, Miguna refused to board the flight stating defiantly he was not going anywhere and asking for his luggage and his passport.

As the dramatic events unfolded a number of journalists were beaten up by police in an endeavour to stop TV and newspaper reporters and cameramen reporting the scene.

Daily Nation TV cameraman Robert Gichira was left bleeding and his camera and live broadcast equipment damaged by officers.

A General Service Unit officer clubbed him several times as he ran away with his camera. 

The officer pursued and kicked the journalist several times before screams from other scribes scared him away, the Nation reported. 

Citizen TV reporter Stephen Letoo was also beaten as he delivered a live link of the drama at the airport.

In the wake of the violence and political unrest surrounding last year’s presidential elections, which had to be rerun following accusations of fraud supported by a Supreme Court ruling, the situation will only heat up as the Kenyan authorities decide what to do with the defiant and fiery Miguna.

African News Agency/ANA