Kampala, Uganda - A man who was barred from getting his wife back after failing to pay dowry, torched her hut in a camp for the war-displaced in Uganda's northern region, killing its ten occupants, including the woman, her mother and his seven children, military and government officials confirmed on Thursday.

"He did not finish the payment of the dowry and in Acholi culture, if you do not finish paying dowry, the parents take their daughter away, the regions military spokesperson, captain Ronald Kakulungu said.

Colonel Walter Ochola, commissioner of the northern Gulu district, confirmed the incident a camp for displaced people at Awere, 430 kilometres north of Kampala, which provides shelter for around 7 000 from among the 1,5 million people displaced by northern Uganda's 20- year civil war.

"He came deep into the night with petrol, poured it onto the hut, set it ablaze and burnt everybody inside to ashes," Ochola said. The New Vision daily said the man, a shopkeeper, was arrested. - Sapa-dpa