Bujumbura - Villagers in north-east Burundi hacked to death a woman accused of witchcraft and five members of her family, including a baby and two other children, local authorities said on Sunday.

On Saturday, “a group of people attacked the home of an old woman called Marthe Kabatesi in the Bwambarangwe district”, said Reverien Nzigamasabo, the governor of Kirundo province where the killings took place.

“They hacked her to death with machetes,” he told reporters.

The assailants then attacked the woman's two daughters and three grandchildren, including a three-month-old baby.

“All the victims were killed by cuts to the head and neck,” Nzigamasabo said, calling the attack “unjustifiable”.

He added that the old woman targeted had been accused of being responsible for deaths in the region. - Sapa-AFP