Cape Town-120906-State Veterinary Quaranteen Station in Milnerton are hosting dogs which were recovered from the Angolan Boarder. A few owners have been found who have been re-united with their pets. In pic is Osman Damon his son Yusri Damon and their Rotweiler "Bonnee"-Reporter-Kieran-Photographer-Tracey Adams

Cape Town - They woke up on the morning of Eid with a hole in their fence and two of their seven dogs missing. A few frantic phone calls later and it emerged that smugglers had snatched their dogs during the night.

But last Friday the Damon family was finally reunited with Bonnee.

“I don’t know who is happier, her or me,” said Osman Damon on Thursday while stroking the panting canine.

Bonnee was retrieved from the Angolan border on August 26, along with 14 other dogs that had been illegally transported into the country. Despite being starved, the three-year-old was still healthy when the task team found her.

Unfortunately, 10-year-old Nero died after being starved by smugglers.

Bonnee was brought to SA and placed at the State Veterinary Quarantine Station where she will remain until investigations into the smuggling ring are completed.

“At first she didn’t recognise us,” said Nazeema Damon. “And then Osman said ‘come here girl’ and she looked up and came running.”

While the family won’t be able to take the dog home yet, they plan on visiting every day.

On Thursday, Bonnee soaked up the sunlight and the attention. Yusri, Osman and Nazeema’s 12-year-old son, was obviously happy to have his dog back. He smiled as he watched the pup lazily chew on a squeaky toy.

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* The story has been edited to take out a reference to boerboels, questioned by readers. - IOL Editor