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Fear mounts as teenage gang terrorises Uganda cities

By Mel Frykberg Time of article published Feb 27, 2019

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Johannesburg – Parts of the Ugandan capital and Wakiso District in central Uganda are being terrorised by a teenage gang of thieves known as "Dog tulumbe" (Dogs lets attack) whose members range in age from nine to 16 years.

The teenage gang which dresses in white or black tracksuits moves in groups of five to seven targeting people with money and other valuables. 

Ladies’ handbags and phones from passengers in moving taxis or motorbike taxis known as "boda-bodas" are regularly targeted and when those who are robbed attempt to resist, they are assaulted, the Daily Monitor reported.

One of the victims recounted that before he was robbed he was surrounded by the youngsters who warned him to surrender his valuables so that he could "go in peace".

Police in the area say the youths are responsible for carrying out numerous robberies on a daily basis. Attempts by police to catch the gang have so far been unsuccessful despite the recent installation of CCTV cameras. 

Consequently, law enforcement has stepped up both covert and non-covert operations to bust the group.

The police are also coordinating efforts with the Ugandan People's Defence Forces in an effort to try and arrest various criminals and other anti-social elements responsible for disturbing the peace.

A number of gangs have operated in impoverished areas of Ugandan cities in the past targeting business people returning from work. Some of them have been apprehended.

African News Agency (ANA)

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