Conakry - Former Guinean prime minister Ahmed Tidiane Souare was arrested on Tuesday when he failed to make a payment as required by coup leaders for alleged embezzlement.

Contacted by mobile telephone following his arrest, Souare said the incident was linked to 12 billion Guinean francs (about R18 000) he has been alleged to have stolen while mining minister from 2004-2006.

Following the coup last December led by Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, Souare and many members of his cabinet were accused of corruption.

Souare, who denies the accusation, was ordered to repay the amount in quarterly installments of three billion francs.

Souare said he did not have the full amount, but went to a government office to pay 100 million francs, but that the economic police and auditors considered that insufficient, and that he was then arrested at the order of Camara.