Picture: Pexels

Johannesburg – A former Miss Ghana finalist and secretary of the University of Ghana students representative council (SRC), Janet Arkorful-Awotwe, was recently attacked and robbed, Ghana Web has reported.

Arkorful-Awotwe, affectionately called the 'Flower Girl', rose to fame, first as a Miss Ghana finalist in 2013 and later in 2017, when she was elected the first nursing student SRC executive in University of Ghana history.

The attack happened Friday last week when Arkorful-Awotwe faced a knife-wielding robber who invaded her residence in the capital Accra in the early hours of the morning, demanding money.

Arkorful-Awotwe handed over $600 as well as some Ghanaian currency. The attacker also demanded she provide the password for her iPhone.

However, due to stress and fear the former beauty pageant winner was unable to remember the password which angered the robber who then proceeded to threaten her with a knife, warning that he would use it on her to scar her face.

He then took pictures of her naked and threatened to publish them on social media should she report the robbery to the authorities.

However, the incident was subsequently reported to the police.

African News Agency (ANA)