The remains of a hot air balloon are seen on the ground near the ancient city of Luxor after a fatal crash. Picture: AFP

Luxor, Egypt - Egyptian prosecutors have ordered four people to be detained as part of an investigation into a hot-air balloon crash that killed a foreign tourist in the southern city of Luxor, a judicial source said.

The detainees, all Egyptians, are the balloon's pilot, the manager of the balloon airport in western Luxor and two officials of the company that owns the crashed balloon, the source told dpa.

The balloon hit the ground during an emergency landing in the western section of the historical city on Friday morning, also wounding 15 others, mostly foreign tourists.

The dead tourist was a 34-year-old South African man, while the injured included five Australians, four French nationals, two South Africans, two Argentinians and a Brazilian. The pilot was also injured.

A team from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the incident and examining the other balloons owned by the company.

At least one tourist was killed and 14 others wounded when a hot air balloon crashed near Egypt's ancient city of Luxor. Picture: Xinhua

Air balloon trips are popular in Luxor, which has many of Egypt's historical monuments.

In 2013, 19 people, mostly foreign tourists, were killed when a hot-air balloon crashed in the city, prompting a two-month ban on balloon rides.

Tourism is a main source of national income for Egypt.

The industry has been hard hit by the unrest that followed the 2011 uprising that toppled Egypt's long-time dictator Hosny Mubarak.