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Johannesburg – A growing number of prostitutes in Ghana’s capital are substituting sex for payment of taxi fares as they struggle with the tough economic climate.

The Ghanaian Times said the trend was of concern to some taxi drivers as they were married and weren’t necessarily appreciative of the form of payment offered by the ladies of the night.

One married man ordered a prostitute out of his taxi when upon arriving at her destination instead of giving the taxi driver cash she pulled out a condom and started to take her pants off.

This has forced many of the taxi drivers to avoid picking up certain clients so as to not lose revenue. Other drivers, however, decided they were not going to lose out completely and accepted the alternative form of payment.

Some of the drivers grabbed the purses of the prostitutes only to find out that there indeed was very little money in them to pay for the fare, and ended up pocketing a few paltry coins.

African News Agency (ANA)