A vaccine given to girls to protect them against a virus that causes cervical cancer is a "critical" health tool. File picture: Al-hadji Kudra Maliro/AP

Kenya’s Health Ministry will start introducing free cervical cancer vaccines, targeting 10-year-old girls, from Friday.

The government has set aside $8 million for the project which aims to immunise 800 000 girls against the cancer-causing papilloma virus (HPV).

Two doses of the HPV vaccine will be given to the girls six months apart, at about 9 000 public, private and faith-based facilities countrywide, the East African reported.

“Starting this Friday we will start the routine roll-out of the cervical cancer vaccine and the country is ready with 1.3 million doses for the current year against the 800 000 target. We will give out two doses for maximum protection,” said Health Cabinet Secretary, Cecily Kariuki.

Kenyan government has set aside $8 million to immunise 800,000 girls against the cancer-causing papillomavirus (HPV). Video: Zodidi Dano/African News Agency.

“There are about 27 000 reported cancer deaths every year in Kenya ... these are statistics that should make anyone freeze. Cervical cancer is preventable through vaccination and our children should not miss out on this chance,”  said Kariuki