File picture: Shelley Kjonstad/ African News Agency (ANA)
Maputo - The embassy of Brazil in Mozambique on Monday held an exhibition of movies from Brics member states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), drawing a large crowd of attendees. 

Before the exhibition, in the presence of the ambassadors and representatives of the embassies of Brics member states in Maputo, Brazilian ambassador Rodrigo Soares gave a brief explanation about Brics, the economy of the platform as well as its population and purposes. "As Brics our relations with other countries are based in non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, it is based on equality and common benefit," said the ambassador. 

The first film to be exhibited was a Brazilian movie about a young man travelling around Africa, followed by a Russian film on Tuesday, and then a break on Wednesday. 

The exhibition will resume on Thursday with an Indian movie, on Friday it will be a romantic movie from China and on Saturday a movie from South Africa about the country's liberation struggle. 

The head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Mozambique said the movies selected for the week-long exhibition are not from a super production industry, but ones that offer a glimpse into the stories of normal people and daily lives, characteristics of the Brics member states.