Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir signs as a guarantor on the final deal on power-sharing and security arrangements between South Sudan's conflicting parties. File picture: Mohamed Khidir/Xinhua

Johannesburg - Sudan's ruling party is due to swear in its new 21-member cabinet on Friday after the government unveiled the new cabinet on Thursday. 

President Omar Al Bashir sacked the previous government for failing to tackle a growing economic crisis, the Daily Monitor reported on Friday.

Sudan has been grappling with an acute foreign exchange shortage and inflation above 65 percent for several months, prompting Bashir last Sunday to sack his 31-member cabinet to "fix the situation".

Thursday’s unveiling of the new trimmed down government followed the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) approving the ministers chosen by Prime Minister Moutaz Mousa Abdallah, who had been tasked with forming a new government after he himself was sworn in on Monday.

Finance minister Osman Al Rikabi was replaced by Abdallah Hamdok, while Ahmed Bilal was named the new minister of interior.

The ministers of foreign and oil were also retained from the previous government. They had been appointed to their posts just months ago following an earlier cabinet reshuffle.

African News Agency/ANA