Dallas - Police in Dallas, Texas, have arrested Kenyan Billy Kipkorir Chemirir, 45, in connection with the murder of an 81-year-old woman.

Arrested over the weekend, Chemirir, who is a healthcare nurse, is also suspected of being behind the murder of two other elderly women.   

A number of deaths that occurred since 2010 are under review to establish whether the Kenyan, who was born in Kenya’s Baringo County, was responsible.

According to a report on the Dallas Police Department website, police, during surveillance, prompted by suspicion by a relative, found Chemirmir throwing some items in a dumpster.

“During the arrest, Chemirmir was holding jewellery and money. In the dumpster, the officers found a jewellery box containing jewellery and a woman’s name. They were able to associate the name to an address in the city of Dallas,” the police report indicated.

“Dallas Police officers went to the address and found the victim, Lu Thi Harris, an 81-year-old Asian female, dead from homicidal violence,” the police statement added.

The police also started tracking the suspect’s activities after two other families reported they suspected he had been responsible for the deaths of two other old women.

Chemirmir was taken to Dallas Police Headquarters and is currently being interrogated.

Prior to his arrest he was under surveillance after he reportedly attempted to smother another 93-year-old woman towards the end of last year.

The elderly woman told police that Chemirmir entered her house posing as a maintenance worker, pushed her to the ground and attempted to suffocate her with a pillow.

He was already wanted for an attempted capital murder case in Frisco, where he was accused of forcing his way into the home of a 93-year-old woman, using a pillow to smother her and stealing her jewellery. The woman survived.

African News Agency/ANA