File picture: Elephants forage in the Tsavo National park.

Mombasa - An Italian tourist was trampled to death by an elephant while photographing the animal at the Tsavo National Park near the Kenyan coastal town of Malindi on Sunday, police said.

Malindi police boss Muchangi Mutava said on Monday that the 66-year-old man was attacked by the elephant near the Swara Camp he stayed in on the Kulalu ranch in the park.

The tourist spotted the elephant at a water point a few metres from the camp.

"He... proceeded to the water point and started taking pictures, provoking the elephant that charged towards him and attacked him, seriously wounding him," Mutava said.

Workers at the camp responded immediately and managed to chase way the elephant but he died while awaiting to be airlifted to a hospital in Malindi, according to the police officer.