Doctors conduct eye surgery at Tripoli University Hospital. Photo via @TripoliUniversityHospital on Facebook.
Doctors conduct eye surgery at Tripoli University Hospital. Photo via @TripoliUniversityHospital on Facebook.

Tripoli university surgery restores patient's eyesight

By Chad Anthony Williams Time of article published May 4, 2020

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CAPE TOWN - Doctors at Tripoli University Hospital have managed to restore the eyesight of a 30-year-old woman who lost her vision due to health complications.

The patient, who suffers from high blood pressure, had her pituitary gland removed.

The operation, which took two hours to perform, was carried out by the neuro and spine surgery department at Tripoli University Hospital.

In a Facebook post, the university said: “The operation that lasted for more than two hours was fully successful and the patient's vision was once again restored with the efforts of the medical team, who made sure that the operation was successful to maintain the life of the patient. The patient was transferred to the observation room immediately after the operation for follow-up checks by the doctors.”

The university said it was a rare and successful achievement by the department of neurosurgery during the coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, the hospital welcomed the co-operation of the nose, ear and throat department for contributing to the success of the surgery.

According to the online news publication Libyan Observer,  the Tripoli University Hospital has previously performed several advanced surgical operations, including a stent implant within the aorta.

Such operations, which cost around 120,000 dinars ($85,000) abroad, are conducted free of charge at the hospital, the Libyan Observer said.

Meanwhile, hospitals have come under attack by military commander Khalifa Haftar's forces during the ongoing conflict in the country.

According to Anodolu News Agency, Haftar's forces carried out a rocket attack on a field hospital in the capital of Tripoli.

In a statement issued by the press centre of the Government of National Accord-led Operation Volcano of Rage, Haftar's militias have continuously targeted hospitals and health staff.

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