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Johannesburg - Ugandan police in the capital Kampala are investigating an alleged robbery, during which a female employee was also allegedly raped. Police suspect it may be an inside job.

Authorities say four unidentified men armed with an AK47 rifle stormed Development Finance Company of Uganda Bank (DFCU) at 7pm on Monday evening as the bank was closing, the Daily Nation reported on Wednesday.

Three of the staff who were closing up the office were ordered towards the safe where cash was kept before they were assaulted in an unsuccessful attempt to force them to hand over the keys to the safe. During the attack on the staff members, a female employee was reportedly raped.

However, the staff still refused to hand over the keys so the robbers attempted to cut the safe open but failed in that as well.

The would-be robbers eventually left late in the evening without any cash after storming the CCTV control room and disconnecting the cameras. They reportedly made off with the monitor and the central processing unit used to store CCTV footage.

A vehicle parked outside the bank belonging to one of the staff members was then hijacked as the robbers made their getaway. It was later found abandoned in the Busega area of the capital by police.

Detectives believe that the robbery could have been an inside job with guards attached to the security company, which is deployed to protect the bank, allegedly involved in the attempted heist.

The two guards who have been identified are currently on the run from law enforcement while bank officials are reviewing security procedures.

Customers are being serviced at alternative branches.

African News Agency (ANA)