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Kampala -

Two men have been detained for smuggling piglets into the Ugandan parliament in an anti-corruption protest, police said on Thursday.

The men managed to infiltrate the heavily guarded parliamentary premises on Wednesday.

The two piglets were painted with ruling party colours and anti-corruption graffiti.

“Yes, MPigs, corruption constituency,” media reports quoted one of the slogans as reading.

“The two young men are being held for holding an unlawful assembly. We even have the piglets,” police spokesman Fred Enanga told dpa, adding that it was an “insult” to bring pigs into parliament.

The men “wanted to protest ... the budget, corruption and political issues,” Enanga said.

There has been widespread domestic and international criticism of corruption in the East African country, with donors cancelling financial aid over the issue in the past.

President Yoweri Museveni, in power since 1986, has been accused of failing to take serious action against officials accused of embezzling public funds.

Anti-graft demonstrations have repeatedly been put down with force. - Sapa-dpa