UN condemns Isis-linked militant attacks in Mozambique, calls for authorities to act

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Nov 12, 2020

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Durban: The UN has condemned the beheading of at least 50 people in Mozambique at the weekend.

UN Secretary‑General António Guterres has further called on the authorities it investigate and hold those reponsible for the violence, accountable for their actions.

Earlier this week, IOL reported that at least 50 people were beheaded while scores of women and children were kidnapped.

Futhermore, several homes were burnt down.

Guterres called on all parties to the conflict to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law.

"I reiterate the commitment of the United Nations to continue to support the people and government of Mozambique in urgently addressing immediate humanitarian needs and efforts to uphold human rights, promote development and prevent the spread of violent extremism," he said.

Macron also condemned the violence.

In a tweet, the French president said; "More than 50 people have been beheaded, women kidnapped, villages looted and then set on fire. Barbarians hijack a religion of peace to sow terror: Islamist terrorism is an international threat that calls for an international response."

According to news channel, Al Jazeera, the brutal massacre was carried out by Islamic State (Isis)-linked militants who attacked several villages in Miudumbe and Macomia. During a media briefing on Monday, Mozambique police commander general, Bernardino Rafael, said they (militants) burned the houses and then went after people who had flocked to the woods and continued their violent assault. | IOL

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