A view from Makere University in Kampala. Picture: Hendrik Finke/Flickr

Johannesburg - The US Embassy in Uganda has condemned violence meted out against Makere University students by security forces, as the students strike over proposed tuition increases, and urged the government to intervene.

Last week’s violence at the Kampala university which showed police attacking unarmed students and journalists led to the embassy releasing a statement expressing its growing concern, the Daily Monitor reported on Monday.

“This heavy-handed response by security services is uncalled for, and is a direct affront to the freedoms of assembly, speech and expression guaranteed by Uganda’s constitution. We urge the Government of Uganda to allow all Ugandans to exercise their basic rights peacefully and without fear,” the statement added.

However, police spokesperson Fred Enanga defended the security forces using force, saying that when a police commander orders people to stop protesting during a riot they are obliged to comply and should one of the protesters subsequently die the police are not responsible.

US Embassy in Uganda has condemned violence meted out against students striking over proposed tuition increases. Video: Zodidi Dano / African News Agency.

However, the Police Act only allows use of force that is proportional to the resistance.

African News Agency (ANA)