Cairo - An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced a police officer to 10 years in prison in a retrial for the killing of a protester more than two years ago.

Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, a young socialist activist, died when police violently dispersed a January 2015 street rally near Tahrir Square in which she was participating.

First Lieutenant Yassin Hatem was charged in June 2015 for manslaughter and received a 15-year-prison sentence. However, the Court of Cassation cancelled the sentence and ordered a retrial later.

Al-Sabbagh's killing drew widespread condemnation in Egypt and abroad. Pictures of the young mother dying in the arms of a comrade were published worldwide.

Autopsy results showed that pellets from a birdshot round had penetrated her lungs.

The case garnered attention when the country's top prosecutor referred the police officer to trial, as such moves against police are rare in Egypt.

Al-Sabbagh was participating in protests marking the fourth anniversary of the 2011 revolt that ended three decades of president Hosny Mubarak's rule.