US President Donald Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House. Picture: Evan Vucci/AP
US President Donald Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House. Picture: Evan Vucci/AP

WATCH: Namibian video mocks #Trump's 'sh*thole countries' remark

By dpa Time of article published Jan 17, 2018

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Johannesburg - After US President Donald Trump's alleged remarks that African countries are sh*tholes, a game reserve in Namibia has made a tongue-in-cheek video promoting the country.

The video by the Gondwana Collection Namibia - which runs several game reserves in the southern African nation - intersperses images of great beauty with a Trump-like voice-over.

"We would like to invite you to come to sh*thole Namibia, one of the most beautiful sh*thole countries out there," the faux-Trump voice-over says.

"Actually Namibia is such a sh*thole country that we converted about 42 percent of it into various conservation areas, where wild sh*thole animals can roam freely," it continues, with stunning footage of ostriches and elephants.

"Not only is our country a sh*thole place," the narrator continues, "even our elephants are highly qualified to dump large amounts of shit everywhere."

The video shows sweeping desert dunes, starry skies and tourists enjoying a sunset beer overlooking the game reserve.

The video, posted on Youtube and the game reserve's social media feeds, had received 752,000 views on Facebook by Wednesday.

WARNING! This video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

"You're more than welcome to visit Africa's number one sh*thole country, known to your president as Nambia," it ends, in reference to another Trump gaffe.

In September the US leader wrongly referred to Namibia as Nambia, at a lunch with African leaders, causing much mirth on that country's social media platforms.

His most recent remarks last week, which he has denied, were regarding a discussion about migrants to the US. The president reportedly said he would prefer immigrants from Norway to those from "sh*thole countries" in Africa, as well as Haiti, El Salvador.


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