Picture: Botho Molosankwe/The Star
Picture: Botho Molosankwe/The Star
Picture: Botho Molosankwe/The Star
Picture: Botho Molosankwe/The Star

Harare - Zimbabweans came out in their numbers to welcome Emmerson Mnangagwa who has been in hiding.

They arrived at the airport in busses, bakkies, trucks and minibus taxis.

Holding their country's flags, dancing, blowing vuvuzela sand singing, they gathered at Harare International Airport, eager to see the man they refer to as their hero.

Former president Robert Mugabe renamed this airport to RG Mugabe two weeks ago but when the army took over, they blackened his name out.

"True to your word, you're back, welcome; Welcome back president; Welcome back our hero..." read some of the placards that people carried to the airport.

Some stood at the back of a bakkie, singing and dancing while on the other side, a man beat a drum which women danced and sang to.

Nyarai Munyedzi, who was one of the people gathered at the airport said they had been suffering enough because of the Mugabes and today was independence day for them.

She said she wants Mnagangwa to be the next president of Zimbabwe.

Picture: Botho Molosankwe/The Star

"We suffered because of Dr Grace Mugabe and we are happy to be led by Mnagangwa.

"We are now looking for investors because we have resources here in Zimbabwe but that never helps us in anyway because of Grace Mugabe who was the one convincing her husband. Zimbabwe is now independent.

"We love president Mugabe but we don't want him anymore," she said.

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