Zambian musician Kay Figo has told the police to stop interfering in her business after they questioned her over a semi-nude photo. Picture: Facebook

Johannesburg – Raunchy Zambian musician Kay Figo, whose real name is Cynthia Kayula Bwalya, has told the police to stop interfering in her business after they recently summoned her for questioning when she posed in a semi-nude photo online to promote her new music video "Taken".

In the controversial picture, Figo is seen posing without panties with her legs wide open with only her fingers covering her crotch, the Zambian Observer reported.

Speaking from Lusaka, Figo said she was disturbed by the police wanting to arrest her for being half naked when according to her most Zambian women, including the wives of police officers, do not even wear panties.

African News Agency (ANA)