Zambian President Edgar Lungu has warned constitutional court judges not to stop him running for another term in office, state media reported. Picture: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, FILE

Johannesburg – The leader of Zambia's New Labour Party (NLP) president Fresher Siwale has labelled President Edgar Lungu a “thief and grave scavenger” whom he can’t work with.

The Zambian Observer reported on Tuesday that the outspoken politician’s comments preceded his further accusations that the Zambian president was not who he claimed to be but an imposter who had assumed the identity of the “real” Edgar Lungu and further accused him of claiming to be a lawyer which he was not.

To back up his bizarre allegations he challenged the president’s wife, Esther, who he alleges was a maid of the “real” Edgar Lungu, to break her silence over her husband’s “real” identity.

“Esther was one of the trustee maids to late Edgar Chagwa Lungu, that’s the reason why she has been quiet over her husband’s real identity,” said Siwale.

“I challenge Esther Lungu to come out openly and refute this naked truth. I’m ready to review more hidden Lungu family issues."

He did not hold back when questioned over his allegations by the ruling Patriotic Front’s deputy media director Antonio Mwanza.

Siwale charged that Mwanza had been fired by Zambeef PLC for stealing chunks of meat before calling him the son of "a refugee and a bandit”.

“So when we are talking about refugees, this is why Mwanza reacted like this because he is not a stakeholder in Zambia,” said Siwale.

The NLP leader previously spent a month in custody for defaming the Zambian president.

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