It has been confirmed that Zimbabwe will hold elections in July, amid calls by Zanu-PF's rivals for the president to announce the election roadmap. Picture: Reuters/Denis Balibouse

Johannesburg – Zimbabwe will hold elections in July, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has confirmed. 

The revelation comes amid calls by the ruling Zanu-PF party's rivals and civic organisations for the president to announce the election roadmap that spells out the actual poll dates, Bulawayo24 reported.

Speaking on Sunday to thousands of his supporters during a rally in Mutare’s Sakubva stadium, Mnangagwa urged them to show political maturity by avoiding violence and not responding to provocation.

"In elections, which will come in July, we need peace. We don't insult other people, no violence, I plead with you, and it is more important and more powerful to be peaceful. It means we have come of age, it means we are now mature as a party," he said.

Addressing the same rally, vice president Constantino Chiwenga challenged Zanu-PF to unite ahead of the watershed election.

"If we want to do well in the coming elections we have to unite. Yes, we have been fighting among ourselves but there is no home where there are no fights or mudslinging but that phase is over," Chiwenga said.

The vice president added that Mnangagwa’s credentials as a soldier and liberator were beyond reproach, hence he was the best person to lead the country.

African News Agency/ANA