Cape Town - "This Flag" pastor Evan Mawarire shared details of a massive march which will take place in the Zimbawean capital city on Saturday during a live broadcast on Facebook.

According to Mawarire, the country's war veterans are driving the march which is meant to bring together all Zimbabweans under a common banner to "thank the military" for confronting "the problem in Zimbabwe".

The march seeks to unite all people, regardless of their political affiliation under a common banner, #FreshStart, at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Hayfields. 

Marchers will reportedly be bussed in from all over the country to join "the biggest march ever" to be held in the embattled country.

Mawarire stressed that the organisers have obtained police clearance for the event, which will proceed from Fourth Street in the CBD to State House.

Zimbabwean newspaper owner Trevor Ncube posted the document showing that the march has been approved on Twitter.