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Harare - While the world looks to Zimbabwe and waits with bated breath to see how everything will unfold, some citizens could not care less. That's because they don't believe that the events currently happening in their country are geared towards finding a solution that will benefit them.

Everyday the citizens of Zimbabwe living in Harare have to contend with the army in their midst. Whether going to work or school, there are tankers and armed soldiers everywhere.

Ona, who is a qualified mining engineer but works as a salesman said he did not march on Saturday as he did had not want to be caught between the marchers and the army. He said if the commanders had told the soldiers to start beating the marchers, they would not have hesitated to do so he had preferred to stay home.

"What is happening in our country is just factionalism within Zanu-PF. It has nothing to do with the current situation facing Zimbabweans.

"If the army was true and wanted to intervene, they could have done so back in 2008 when there was no food in the stores," he said.

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With regards to President Robert Mugabe's Sunday night speech that left many shocked as they had believed that he would announce his resignation, Ona said he had not been taken aback at all.

"I expected the type of Mugabe that I saw on TV that night. He should not resign. He can only be removed by an election but by the look of things, 2018 elections are already stolen. There is no hope," Ona said.

According to Ona, he had such a fright the first time he saw soldiers roaming the streets of Harare.

"I felt nervous, I had never seen such before. It's not proper to have tanks on the streets; that's instilling fear in people."

His words were echoed by 20-year-old Priviledge Ncube. Ncube has completed her O Levels but is currently assisting her mother who is a hawker.

According to Ncube, she and fellow Zimbabweans were just pawns in a Zanu-PF game. That game, she said, did not have their interests at heart.

"They are playing us; we're being used in their game," she said.

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However, Amon Chiponda is happy that they are there. The 34-year-old man said the soldiers were just carrying out "the wish of the people".

"We are seeing no problem with the army on the streets because they told us the cause of them being on the streets so we are enjoying it.

"They are carrying out people's wishes; they are only trying to eliminate people who are bringing suffering to the people of Zimbabwe".

Chiponda also launched an attack on President Jacob Zuma saying he must stay out of Zimbabwe's affairs.

"We don't want people like Zuma to interfere with our affairs here. He's not there at SADC to dictate the pace of our politics here in Zimbabwe.

"Maybe he's enjoying the cheap labour there (in South Africa) of Zimbabweans stuck there.

"Our relatives are dying in the mines and stuff like that," Chiponda said.

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