Murder accused Cameron Wilson, 21, in court

Cape Town – A court has heard how a 21-year-old man, accused of murdering six people, waged a reign of terror in his neighbourhood.

The case against Cameron Wilson, accused of killing Lekita Moore, 19, last year, and Stacey-Lee Mohale, 16, in 2015, resumed in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

He is being tried simultaneously on 15 charges, including six murders, three charges of rape, attempted murder and assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

After being warned by Judge C Fortuin to stop laughing in last week’s court appearances, a bald Wilson appeared subdued, wearing a T-shirt that read, “Born to hustle, destined for greatness”.

On Monday, Donovan Morris took the stand to testify in the case of his stepson, Alfonzo van Rooyen, who Wilson allegedly killed in Heinz Park in October 2014.

Wilson is accused of stabbing Alfonzo with an Okapi knife in the chest.

Morris said: “I was in bed with my wife when children came to say Alfonzo had been stabbed. I got up and he was lying in the street, about three houses away."

“When I got to the scene, he was still alive. No ambulance came and we loaded him into a bakkie and rushed him to hospital, but he had died.”

Lekita Moore, 19, was one of Cameron Wilson's alleged victims. Picture: Independent Media

Morris said it was when Toyher Stober – an alleged murder victim of Wilson's – told him who had stabbed his stepson, that he saw Wilson for the first time.

Stober was gunned down in his car three days after Alfonzo’s death in Daffodil Street, Heinz Park.

Morris testified that he was standing with Toyher and his wife when Wilson came walking past. He said Stober told him “here is the person who stabbed your son”.

“We spoke loudly and that’s when Wilson started to run. We chased him, but he was far already.”

Next, Cody Philander from Heinz Park testified how Wilson, whom he only knew as “Wong”, smacked and stabbed him in April 2015 “without saying a word”.

“I was at the shop when he [Wilson] came from the side of the soccer field. He was riding a small blue BMX bike. He saw me and jumped off the bike,” said Philander.

“Then he smacked me with his right hand on the left side of my face. My sunglasses then fell off and I picked it up."

“When I looked up I saw he had an Okapi knife in his hand and he stabbed me."

“I felt lame in the left side of my shoulder where he stabbed me. After he stabbed me, he got back onto his blue BMX bike and rode off.”

Wilson has denied all the charges against him.