Alleged rapist’s lucky rescue

Published Jul 15, 2011


A man was nearly necklaced with a burning tyre after he allegedly tried to rape a woman.

Makhaya residents say they caught the unnamed man red-handed while he attacked the woman in her house on Tuesday. He tried to run away from the mob armed with sticks, but was cornered and caught.

Residents marched him to an open field where they stripped the man, believed to be in his 30s, naked.

He was beaten with sticks and stoned with bricks and concrete pieces.

The mob was getting a tyre ready to necklace him when he was saved by Metro police patrolling the area.

Cops used rubber bullets to disperse the angry crowd.

The man was taken to Harare Day Hospital with serious injuries.

Harare police spokeswoman Nosiphiwo Mtengwana says the woman did not lay a charge against her alleged rapist.

She says the police are investigating the man’s assault butno one has been arrested yet.

* This article was published on P7 of the Daily Voice.

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