Anni Hindochas parents Vinod and Nilam are smiling with two nurses as they pose with a birthday cake on a Facebook picture.

Cape Town - Anni Hindocha’s birthday is a painful day for her family who were left mourning after she was murdered while on honeymoon in Cape Town five years ago.

But this year the circumstances are even more dire, with Vinod Hindocha celebrating his daughter’s birthday from a hospital bed after his arm was ripped off in a lift accident.

In a picture uploaded by the 65-year-old engineer on to Facebook, Vinod and his wife Nilam are smiling with two nurses as they pose with a birthday cake.

On his wall he wrote: “Happy Birthday little Angel. Miss U for ever. We R celebrating this Birthday In Gothenburg hospital,love U for EVER.”

Vinod was admitted to hospital last week Tuesday after he had been working on a faulty lift which crashed while he was inside.

His brother Ashok told the Cape Argus Vinod’s arm had been outside of the lift when it dropped, causing it to be severed between the elbow and shoulder.

He was rushed to a hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the arm was reattached during in an 18-hour operation.

Ashok said it would take over a year for the nerves to grow back and for the limb to regain its strength and movement.

“There is no justice in this world, why must bad things happen to such good people?”

Last year the Hindocha family were devastated when Shrien Dewani, charged with orchestrating Anni’s death, was acquitted of all charges at the Western Cape High Court.

Anni would have turned 33 on Thursday.

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