File photo: Cat mummies dated to the late Greco-Roman period, are seen on display in the Egyptian Museum's new animal mummy room for ancient mummified pets in Cairo.

London - Vets usually hope to X-Ray live animals and make them better. But when B&B owner Robert Gray turned up at his local practice in Portscatho, Cornwall, it was 2,000 years too late.

Mr Gray, 56, had rediscovered an Ancient Egyptian cat mummy in his loft which had been given to his Egyptologist father in the 1970s. The X-Ray confirmed the bandages encased a perfectly preserved cat, thought to be worth £2,000 (about R24 000), which Mr Gray will donate to a museum.

When Robert Gray stumbled upon this strange-looking object in his attic, he thought it was a stuffed pet.

It was only after the 56-year-old B&B owner took it to his local vet in Portscatho, Cornwall, to be X-rayed he discovered that beneath the bandages was a mummified cat from Ancient Egypt.

Experts have confirmed it is about 2,000 years old and is estimated to be worth £2,000. The artefact had been given to Mr Gray’s Egyptologist father in the 1970s and had languished in the loft ever since. - Daily Mail