Big Brother rape claim shock

Published Apr 15, 2015


Johannesburg - A contestant on Big Brother Mzansi was allegedly raped by a fellow housemate after a drunken night of partying.

The shocking incident happened on Saturday night after a party in the Big Brother House in Johannesburg.

The reality TV show airs live on DStv channels 197 and 198.

It is believed that a housemate called “Adams”, whose real name is Siyanda Ngwenya, assaulted Bexx (Axola Mbengo) while she was asleep.

Every Saturday night the party room and bar area is opened to the contestants, and alcohol is freely available.

During Saturday night’s party, Adams and Bexx were drinking heavily and openly flirting with each other before going to bed together.

The two were last seen in bed cuddling and kissing before the Big Brother cameras moved away from them.

It is alleged that Adams boasted about having sex with Bexx the next day, telling male housemates: “I dipped her but don’t think she remembers because she passed out.”

A shocked Bexx later told female housemates that she didn’t consent to have sex with Adams.

Adams was axed from the show on Monday, while Bexx left voluntarily.

But some fans of the show have questioned Bexx’s claims of rape, and have called on producers of Big Brother Mzansi to clarify the matter.

In a vague statement on Monday, Mzansi Magic, the channel which airs Big Brother, would not confirm why Adams left the show, only saying he had been “expelled for misconduct” and that Bexx had been “removed for her own well-being”, and that both were receiving counselling.

Late on Tuesday, the channel sent out a new statement, saying: “At this stage it is not exactly clear what transpired between Bexx and Adams.

“Having suspected that there may have been an incident of sexual misconduct, Mzansi Magic acted by removing both individuals from the house.

“Currently, Bexx and Adams are receiving support and assistance from Mzansi Magic.

“They are both in the care of professionals and have been given the opportunity to contact family and friends.”

All current contestants have been barred from speaking to the media.

The latest drama came just hours after two housemates were reprimanded by Big Brother for bad behaviour.

Earlier on Saturday night, K2 and Adams went a step too far when they grabbed and attempted to kiss Bexx in the dressing room.

The two sandwiched her while she was standing in front of the mirror, and kissed her on her cheek while groping her bum.

Bexx looked visibly uncomfortable and walked away.

The men later apologised to her and Big Brother issued them each a strike for the inappropriate behaviour.

Three strikes means eviction, and losing out on the chance to win the R1 million prize money.

Bexx was in tears on Sunday when Big Brother reprimanded the pair, and 24 hours later she called it quits.

Adams was a very popular housemate and some fans have questioned his axing.

Fan @LoazG tweeted: “Okay, where are these rape allegations coming from now peeps, the misconduct by Adams was not revealed, so where is ths coming from?”

Another fan @RefilweMaingo wrote: “…there was no rape. Bexx n Adams had sex drunk. Bexx woke up n said she forgot.”

There have been rumours on social media that Bexx has laid a charge of rape at a police station, but this could not be confirmed.

Bexx and her cousin Soxx entered the show together while Adams and his ex-girlfriend Thembi were in the game together.

Soxx and Thembi have now agreed to pair up after their partners left the Big Brother house.

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