Roxy Louw is carving a niche for herself in her own gorgeous way. Picture: Cara Viereckl.
Roxy Louw is carving a niche for herself in her own gorgeous way. Picture: Cara Viereckl.

Blonde bombshell riding a wave of success

Time of article published Jul 10, 2011

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Ffrom the Hilton daughters to Rod Stewart’s Kimberly Stewart, and more recently to Will’s and Jada’s precocious prepubescents Willow and Jaden Smith, a celebrity royalty is emerging in the world.

These children have cleverly traded on the fame and wealth of their parents, but unlike traditional royalty they have not rested on their laurels. Instead, they have used their born advantage to carve careers for themselves and are now recognised in their own rights as world brands.

In South Africa we have a similar situation with certain people, Zindzi and Zenani Mandela notwithstanding. Take Roxy Louw, daughter of rugby legend Rob Louw. This young lady, who was born in 1987, is beautiful. Her beach blonde hair, her earnest blue eyes and seductive full lips, together with her surfer chick honed body, make her the full package. And that’s just her looks.

Her path to fame and success began at age 17 when she was spotted surfing by former pro surfer Seth Hulley, who signed her up with Oakley America as a team rider.

“In that year I found myself travelling on a surfing trip to an island off Brazil where a photo of me was taken looking at the waves.” That picture went on to become the international Oakley campaign for the year. This opened doors for her and she has enjoyed Oakley shoots from Brazil to Bali to California and Hawaii.

Her travels also included a shoot with the Sports Illustrated Swimwear edition in the Maldives. In South Africa she is considered one of the “It Girls” of modelling, and has done shoots for Woolworths, Kauai, Vodacom and Nashua Mobile.

She was also a winner in the coveted FHM 100 Sexiest Women competition.

As a socialite, she is seen at all the hottest parties on the South African calendar, first on the arm of rugby player Luke Watson and, more recently, on the arm of Western Province forward Marco-Pierre van Eeden.

Roxy Louw is doing what so many young, famous heiresses are doing – having an absolute blast and carving a niche for herself in her own gorgeous way.

What car are you currently driving?

Audi A1 1.6 Turbo Diesel. It is a black number with silver lining. I love it. Beyond the sexy S line interior, it has a turbo engine and spunky music features. It has a stop-start engine, low-rolling- resistance tyres and energy recuperation measures, which takes pressure off the engine. Plus the car is fuel efficient – just goes and goes and goes…

What was your first job?

I baked and sold fudge as a kid at school for extra cash. I was my own boss at 14 doing what I loved – baking.

Describe your junior school days.

I was shy and quiet. I spent a year in Italy with my dad when he was coaching rugby in Rome. I didn’t socialise as a youngster.

I spent my lunch breaks with my teacher, Mrs Coats, in the staff room. I was a paranoid child. (Laughs).

Finish the sentence: my home is my…


Who is your favourite designer?

Locally we have super talented designers. My favourite at the moment is Andele Botha, an up-and-coming designer from Klerksdorp. She dressed me for this year’s Vodacom Durban July. I look forward to revealing her amazing talent in the events to come.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing?

My leather jacket.

What is the sexiest thing you have bought?

A sexy pair of heels in Los Angeles.

What is the most luxurious item you have ever bought?

A very expensive bottle of French Merlot, which I ate with Kobe steak.

When was the last time you cried?

I cry during great sporting moments.

Who makes you laugh?

My boyfriend and my good friend who I am going to Las Vegas with. Her name is Michele and she is Schalk Burger’s fiancée.

Do you have a pet and, if so, what is its name?

I have two Rottweilers. One is Zoe and the other is Duke. I also have a staffy called Pixie.

Do you have any phobias?

Spiders, heights and dirty hands.

What would be your ideal holiday?

My ideal holiday would include lots of travelling, exploring and activities. It must also include good wine, good food and good people.

Describe your parents.

They are my best friends. They are happily married after 30 years. They are a great inspiration to me and a pillar in my life.

Who or what is your inspiration?

My dad, Rob Louw. He has taught me that a positive attitude can overcome anything…

You have so many jobs, what would you say your occupation is?

I am a juggler! (Laughs). No, I am a surfer turned model. I’m also a businesswoman, a DJ and an actress.

Where would you like to be in three years’ time?

I would love to have a few beachfront properties in my name.

Describe your life in three words?

Spontaneous. Adventurous. Simple.

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