Johannesburg - Judgment in the treason trial of a group of Afrikaner right-wingers continues in the Pretoria High Court on Tuesday.

Judge Eben Jordaan will continue his judgment on medical doctor Johannes “Lets” Pretorius. His three sons are among the accused.

On Monday, Jordaan dismissed several parts of Pretorius' affidavit, including sections in which he claimed no knowledge of plans to overthrow the government. He called his testimony “rubbish” and unlikely.

Jordaan said the evidence of a state witness who testified against Pretorius was believable.

During the trial the witness, Anthony Smith, testified how Pretorius was part of initiations into the Boeremag.

On Monday, the 11th member of the 20 Boeremag accused, Dirk Hanekom, was convicted on a charge of treason arising from a plot to violently overthrow the government.

During Monday's proceedings, Jordaan said he found it difficult to believe Hanekom's claim that he “didn't have a clue what was going on” when members of the right-wing Boeremag group embarked on a “D-Day” mission on September 13, 2002.

They intended planting bombs to create chaos in the country. - Sapa