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Pretoria - On Tuesday, Pretoria High Court Judge Jody Kollapen told serial rapist Bongani Mnguni that he would be sentenced on Friday but after the court adjourned, Mnguni was apparently heard saying “the sentencing is not going to happen”.


Mnguni, who this week claimed he was a lover, not a rapist, was nowhere to be seen as he was due to hear his fate.

He was convicted of raping six women, in some instances more than once. He also murdered one of his victims.

He is being held at the Kgosi Mampuru II Prison in Pretoria and it was believed he arrived at court on Friday morning, together with other prisoners.

However, the court orderlies could not find him and it emerged he didn’t respond when his name was called so that he could join the other prisoners who were due to be transported to court.

His advocate did not know his whereabouts either.

Mnguni admitted he had sex with his victims. His defence was that he had a relationship with them and loved them.

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