Kouthar Davids. Photo: Twitter
Kouthar Davids. Photo: Twitter

Cape Town anti-vaxxer goes viral for misleading facts

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Aug 25, 2021

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Cape Town resident Kouthar Davids has gone viral, and it may not be for the very best reasons.

Davids posted a video of her battle with Covid-19 in December and documented how ill she was during that period.

The shocking video detailed Davids, who was struggling to breathe, stay in hospital and she told viewers that she was busy drawing up her last will and testament.

"This is real, it kills," said an emotional Davids.

Davids told the BRICS Channel that she had Covid-19 pneumonia and warned fellow South Africans that people should not take the virus for granted. She urged South African’s to take major precautions against getting Covid-19.


Davids posted a follow-up video in January on Facebook. She, at the time, advocated for the controversial drug ivermectin, and in fact, injected the drug into her mouth.

Ivermectin is controversial due to the fact that it was created to help people who have an intestinal roundworm parasite.

Its manufacturer, Merck, stated that the drug had not been found to have a meaningful efficacy against Covid-19.

In a lengthy post of gratitude in January, Davids extolled the virtues of ivermectin, with a poster that read: "I took ivermectin and recovered from Covid".


Despite her savage battle with Covid-19, and her troubling battle to recover, Davids was part of a protest against Covid-19 vaccinations outside Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town on Saturday.

Davids told the media that the virus did not exist.

Davids was part of a protesting group that had posters that read: "I am not a lab rat".

What was really troubling was that she then accosted a doctor, demanding to see sick patients.

Al Jazeera reporter Robyn Smith interviewed Davids and asked her why she did not believe in Covid-19 if she had it in December.

"Now I don't believe in it," Davids argued.

Davids then argued that she was misquoted. But Smith released two videos on Twitter, showing that she did not misquote Davids.

In the video, Davids says she had Covid- 19 but almost in the same breath says I do not believe I had Covid.


Davids has stated that she is a lawyer, yet there is no proof of where she went to college or university.

Davids also said she was a brand ambassador for well-known coffee shop Coco Safar, but Coco Safar's public relations specialist Megan Gotkin said that Davids is not a brand ambassador for Coco Safar, and in fact, the company does not work with brand ambassadors.

Davids said she was employed by the City of Cape Town. City spokesperson Luthando Tyhalibongo said that Davids was employed as an Expanded Public Works Programme worker in the Community Services and Health Directorate.

Her contract ended on June 30, 2018, and that this was more than three years ago.

Davids lastly also said that she is a presenter with Radio 786.

Station manager Tashreeq Truebody, however, said Davids is not a permanent employee but is an external service provider who does a shift once or twice a year.


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