A part of the statue of Paul Kruger in Church Square in Pretoria has been painted green. Photo: ANA


Pretoria - The city of Tshwane has placed police guards around the statue of Paul Kruger in Pretoria’s Church Square and made plans to clean it after it was targeted by vandals who covered two bronze sentries in green paint, mayoral spokesman Blessing Manale said on Monday.

“We think we will start on Tuesday morning. We don’t want to use chemicals that will affect the actual material underneath.”

Manale said in the meanwhile that 10 police officers were standing guard around the statue of the Transvaal republic president after the sentries were smeared in paint as passers-by captured video footage late on Sunday.

The raised figure of Kruger, which was moved to the square in 1954 and unveiled by then Prime Minister DF Malan, escaped largely unscathed.

“Private citizens have video footage and we have already handed it over to the police,” Manale said.