After delaying for 13 years, Richard Mdluli’s corruption case is set for trial in October



Published Jun 10, 2024


It has been 13 years since former crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli was arrested on charges of fraud, corruption, and theft and the trial date was only set on Monday.

The delays have irked Judge Papi Masopa, and he stated that the trial will commence on the set date regardless of the pending outcome on an application by Mdluli to compel the South African Police Service (SAPS) to pay for his legal fees.

Mdluli applied for legal funding from the police, stating that the charges relate to the time when he was employed by the SAPS.

However, police have refused his application to fund his defence, arguing that the charges he was facing had nothing to do with them.

He took SAPS’ decision not to pay his legal fees on review, but the application hasn’t been heard yet.

Mdluli and his two co-accused, former SAPS supply chain manager Heine Barnard and chief financial officer Solomon Lazarus, are facing charges of corruption, fraud and theft.

The charges stem from their time of employment by the state, between 2008 and 2012, when they were at the helm of the police crime intelligence services.

All three accused face charges related to the alleged abuse of the police’s secret slush fund.

The allegations include the payment of private trips to China and Singapore, the private use of witness protection houses, and the leasing of Mdluli’s private residence to the state in order to pay his bond.

Among other allegations, it is claimed that during one of Mdluli’s trips to Singapore in 2009, he allegedly used some of the funds for personal expenses, buying electronic equipment, clothing, jewellery, and perfume.

The trial will be heard on October 7, 2024 in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.