It’s been two years since Len Cloete was shot. Here’s the latest on the case

Len Cloete. Picture: File Picture

Len Cloete. Picture: File Picture

Published Nov 8, 2023


It’s been two years since Len Cloete was shot in the head following a scuffle with a policeman.

And despite suffering brain damage, Len's health is good, the private investigating company handling the case said this week.

A video of the shooting incident, which took place at a hotel in Muldersdrift on November 13, 2021, went viral on social media.

At the time of the shooting, Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) spokesperson Grace Langa, said Cloete had allegedly been arguing with staff and management at the lodge and was asked to leave.

She said he refused, and security and the establishment manager followed him to the room and asked him to leave.

"He became more aggressive. Police were called in to assist, and the guest started fighting with police.“

In a video of the incident that viral on social media, Cloete is seen shouting at police. He is naked at the start of the video but later puts on a pair of blue underpants.

He then disarms a police officer. Another cop at the scene fires a single shot that hits Cloete in the head. He falls to the ground.

This week Specialised Security Services lead investigator Luke Enslin spoke to IOL on the second anniversary of the shooting.

Len Cloete with his wife, Chantal. Picture: Supplied

“Len's health is good. He recovered well after the tragic shooting incident.

“It must be kept in mind that he had sustained a very serious head injury due to the shooting incident and that he would never again be the person that he was.

“He sustained permanent brain damage.”

Enslin said an additional living space has been built on his property, especially for him, catering to his special needs.

“He can't walk unaided and can't talk the way he did.”

Enslin said the investigations into this matter have not been finalised.

“Len still isn't able to give his version of the events that ended in the tragic shooting incident.”

In October last year, his wife Chantal posted a heartfelt message to her husband on their sixth anniversary, thanking him for their life together.

Mike Bolhuis, the director of Specialised Security Services, said even though Len wasn’t able to give his version of events right now, anything can change.

“So far, Len has made great progress, and we give God glory for this. We have remained positive, and we are hopeful that he will make a full recovery and the investigation can run its course.”

Bolhuis thanked the public for their support and for keeping Len in their prayers.

When asked on the latest on the criminal case, Ipid spokesperson Phaladi Shuping told IOL the investigations are still ongoing.

“There's one report that is outstanding, and once the investigations are finalised, a docket will be handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

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