Joburg cops pounced on factory producing counterfeit clothes, seized R6.6 million worth in fake brands

Published Jun 13, 2024


The national counterfeit goods unit pounced on a factory sewing fake branded clothes worth R6.6 million at Rahima Moosa Street, in the Johannesburg central business district on Thursday.

Gauteng police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Amanda van Wyk said the operation resulted in the seizure of over 7,000 counterfeit items.

“These items imitating well-known brands included shoes, clothing, handbags, caps, perfumes, cosmetics and backpacks,” she said.

Van Wyk said police also seized sewing machines, an overlocker machine, embossing machine, a hot press and a large quantity of labels of well-known brands.

“This is the biggest counterfeit manufacturing plant bust in the past year...In less than a week a ago, the team seized counterfeit goods with an estimated value of R5.8 million during a similar take down operation, also within the Johannesburg CBD,” she said.

Last week Friday, IOL reported that two Chinese nationals were arrested in connection with counterfeit goods worth R5.8 million.

“Nearly 7,000 counterfeit items imitating well-known brands were seized which included sports apparel, clothing, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses, watches and bags,’’ said Van Wyk.

“In the past eight months, the national counterfeit unit in collaboration with its various crime fighting partners seized over R400 million worth of counterfeit and illicit goods during various take-down operations in different parts of the country.”

In a similar incident, A Pakistani national was arrested in Midrand in May for allegedly trying to bribe police during a take-down operation relating to counterfeit goods.

Gauteng police said The National Counterfeit Goods Unit led an integrated take-down operation in Midrand, resulting in the seizure of counterfeit goods worth over R3 million.

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