Nota Baloyi sentenced to 60 days imprisonment for being in contempt of court

Published Mar 11, 2023


Johannesburg - The Joburg High Court has sentenced Nota Baloyi to 60 days direct imprisonment after finding him guilty of being in contempt of court. Baloyi has ignored a court order obtained by rapper K.O to refrain from sharing information implicating him in the assassination of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

Nota Baloyi is known for his controversial videos shared on social media. However, the ones he made and continues to make, implicating rapper Ntokozo Mdluli, known to many as K.O and his brother, Siya Mdluli, who worked as the rapper’s road manager and was present on the night of his killing, have landed him in hot water.

Mdluli obtained a court interdict against Baloyi following a social media rant he did after AKA was shot dead in Florida road in Durban a month ago, accusing the rapper and his brother of being behind the brutal murder of AKA.

Despite these efforts and the instructions handed to him by the courts, Baloyi has continued to share his views and allegations against Mdluli on his social media pages.

According to the court order which was seen by the Sunday World’s Shwashwi, the order states that “The Sheriff of the court and the South African Police Service are directed to take the respondent into custody and to deliver the respondent to the Leeuwkop Prison or any other prison within Gauteng for a period of sixty days”.

Baloyi has stood by his allegations against the brothers because rapper K.O failed to answer as to why his brother who was employed by AKA at the time and present at the scene, watched the rapper die.