VW Polo driver shares near death hijacking experience where three shots were fired at him

A VW Polo driver survived a hijacking attempt when he shot back at his attackers. Picture: Screenshot

A VW Polo driver survived a hijacking attempt when he shot back at his attackers. Picture: Screenshot

Published Sep 15, 2023


A Polo GTI driver who survived a hijacking ambush where he bravely managed to fight off at least three armed hijackers has shared his experience on social media, saying God was on his side that day.

CCTV footage of the incident showed that happened in May this year and bullet markings placed by SA Police Service forensic services showed at least three shots fired by one of the hijackers.

They fired at him at close range, and somehow missed.

One shot penetrated the passenger door frame of the red VW Polo GTI, while two more shots went through the shattered window.

In the video, which the motorist, only identified as Quiz Eyes, posted on his TikTok account, he is seen bravely shooting back at the three armed suspects as he steps out of the car and opens fire.

The suspects flee on foot as their getaway car disappears out of camera range.

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The video was posted by TikTok user Quiz Eyes, who at the start of August celebrated a year with his sporty red Polo GTI.

He captioned: “Even when I walk under the shadow of death I shall fear no devil, I am with the lord God”.

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In interaction with another user on TikTok, he joked that some of the service people at VW were now referring to him as “John Wick”, a fictional character from the movie John Wick.

“For me to be honest I felt like God was with me,” he said, replying to someone saying he was fortunate the shooters missed him at close range.

Others commented: “So sorry you had to experience this. Thank God for saving your life”.

Another said: “You are a hero my brother I salute you may God protect you forever”.

“My brother you're strong and brave. The fact that you're still standing like that after the incident. May God be with you,” said another user.

“Driving a VW these days is an adventure,” said another user.

A recent IOL report revealed that the VW Polo was in fact the most hijacked car in the country, with 8.6% of the vehicles hijacked during the January 1 and March 31, 2023 period.

This was reflected in the Crime Statistics of the fourth quarter of 2022/23, which said a total of 5,119 cars had been hijacked in the three month period.

This means around 57 cars are hijacked in South Africa daily.

Other cars that featured prominently in the Top 6 stolen vehicles were the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Etios, Ford Ranger, Toyota Fortuner and Nissan NP200.