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Monday, December 4, 2023

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WATCH: Calls for police to launch manhunt for man caught beating woman on video

A man was caught on video repeatedly slapping a woman in the street. Screenshot

A man was caught on video repeatedly slapping a woman in the street. Screenshot

Published Dec 7, 2022


Pretoria – Social media has reacted with shock after an unknown man was captured on video repeatedly slapping a woman in the middle of the street after what appeared to be an argument.

The man is seen repeatedly assaulting the women outside a car as cars drive past. A woman tries to intervene but the man continues to assault the woman.

It was still unclear when and where the incident occurred, but the video left many Twitter users livid.

The 19 seconds-long footage shows a man repeatedly slapping a woman, while another woman tries to intervene unsuccessfully.

The people who took the video, from the balcony of a nearby complex, are heard gasping every time a blow lands on the woman’s face.

Two cars passed by while the woman was being assaulted, but none of the cars stopped to assist her.

Action Society, a civil rights organisation, called for a manhunt for the abuser caught on video.

“It is a terrible shame on everyone who sees a woman getting beaten up and stands by, doing nothing,” said Kaylynn Palm, centre co-ordinator at Action Society.

“We can only win the fight against gender-based violence if people act against it.”

Palm said the incident comes after the country saw over 40 000 cases of assault against women reported by September, 2022 – an increase of about 16% from 2021.

“We call on the police to start a manhunt for this abuser and make an example of him.

“We urge anyone with information to come forward and take a stand against gender-based violence. We will not stand for anyone using violence against a vulnerable person,” said Palm.

Activist Ian Cameron, shared the video on Twitter and expressed his disgust towards the man.

“He should be made famous and not show his filthy face in public again. This is absolutely disgraceful. Terrible that people just keep driving past. Who is he and where in South Africa did this happen?’’ Cameron wrote.