A young man died after he was allegedly stabbed by his friend's father. Picture Mlondolozi Mbolo

Cape Town - A young man died after he was stabbed in the head, allegedly by the drunk father of one of his best friends who was celebrating his 21st birthday.

Mansoer Patterson, 19, clung to life bravely since Sunday morning, but sadly lost the fight on Tuesday.

His grieving relatives say he passed away shortly before 4pm on Tuesday.

Doctors told his mother, Naseefah Ismail, 37, the knife pierced his brain and they could not stop bleeding.

Now his friend of five years has been plunged into grief and guilt, because his dad is behind the stabbing.

The young man, 21, who cannot be named as it would identify the suspect who has not yet been charged, was celebrating his 21st birthday on Saturday.

“I blame myself,” the young Ocean View man tells the Daily Voice.

“Mansoer was waiting for me outside and I turned back to get a jacket for another friend.

“As I was inside the house I chatted to my girlfriend for a while, and during that time my dad came out and told them to leave.

“When I came out Mansoer must have come back [onto the premises].

“We were standing outside the door when Mansoer respectfully said we should leave.

“I looked him straight in the eye, so my attention was focused on him.

“My dad then came out and stabbed him behind the neck. He was mute for a few seconds, then he collapsed and started bleeding.

“My father is responsible for this, but I also blame myself for taking so long.

“If it wasn’t for me things would be different. I couldn’t look [my father] in the face after what he did to my friend.

“I can’t bear to be in the same house as him.”

The Daily Voice can reveal that the dad is in hospital after being assaulted after the stabbing.

Meanwhile, people at the party say cops did not respond to their calls and by late Tuesday had still not visited the scene of the crime.

Mansoer’s mother, Naseefah, says while her son was fighting for his life in hospital, police told her she could not open a case.

“When I went to the police station [on Sunday], they told me my son has to open a case when he is out of hospital,” Naseefah tells the Daily Voice.

“But he was on life support, and the doctors told me they don’t even know if he will make it.

“When I went to the police station again [on Tuesday], I was told to bring the witnesses to the station.”

The grieving mom was not available for comment yesterday after news of her son’s death broke.

Ocean View Station Commander Lieutenant Colonel Errol Mekeur says he cannot confirm if his members attended the scene: “When we received the complaint... we also received a complaint for a gang-related shooting in [another street].

“They attended to that scene, but I can’t confirm if my members went to the scene [where Mansoer was stabbed].”